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Holy Russia - Third Rome

Five questions to the ROC
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

Apostles of the Christ
Present clause is devoted to the nearest colleagues and pupils of Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust. Apostles of the Savior have given all life to service Christianity and distribution of the certificate on arrival to our world the Son of the God. We with infinite love and piety concern to all Apostles of the Christ. 16–31.05.2017.

Chronology of religions
We offer you an article that outlines the true chronology of religions and universal history. Summary tables of kings, pharaohs, patriarchs, emperors and key events in the history of mankind are shown. Based on extensive documentary material, it is proved that the chronology of Egypt and the religions of monotheism is artificially aged by 1790 years. The data on real historical characters and biblical places that served as prototypes for writing the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Koran, are given. 26.01.2015–12.03.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Christ Tower in Galata
Pontifex Maximus Professor Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has closely studied Jesus's Tower and its vicinities. Around and inside the Christ Tower presence of Divine good fortune – pure energy going from the basis of rock to heavens is felt. We are absolutely sure that Jesus's Tower costs on place of Agony in garden Prayer and represents one of the main Christian relics of Constantinople – Tsargrad. 01.08.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Orthodox Meditation Cube for men
Pontifex Maximus had been restored ancient Orthodox Meditation of the God for men. By us have been created little 3D models of visualization of the Chariot of the God. The first model is made as moving figures in format GIF. The second model is executed as videoclips. Evident visualization and the detailed description of practice allow any person to seize the most complicated quantum meditation. 06-17.08.2013.

Orthodox Meditation Cubina for women
Pontifex Maximus had been restored ancient Orthodox Meditation of the God for women. We have been created few 3D models of visualization of the Chariot of the God. The first model is made as moving figures in format GIF. The second model is executed as video clips. Evident visualization and the detailed description of practice allow any women to seize the most complicated quantum meditation. 06-17.08.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

Not combustible Cubina
We congratulate all orthodox on holiday of Day of the Icon of Virgin is Neopalimaya Kupina 17.09.2012. Actually the correct name of the Icon of the Virgin is Not combustible Cubina.

Church of Barbarians
Lot of time I been in ancient Orthodox temples of capital of the Vladimir–Suzdal Russia. In territory Vladimir Kremlin two cathedrals – Uspensky (1158-1160) and Dmitrievsky (1194-1197) were kept. In these churches as in a mirror, all peripetias of development and fading of Orthodoxy in Russia were reflected.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever.

Decree No. 20 from 17.05.2012 about assignment of Nova Church of Sacred Russia is published.
Grand Prince of All Russia and Pontifex Maximus Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has accepted the Decree protecting the church property and religious values of Sacred Russia from defilement and privatization by the religious organizations in Russia and all over the world.

Pilgrim and scientific visit to Sinai and Palestine of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev
In days of spring equinox on March 21-22, 2012 Grand Prince of All Russia has decided to study personally district, historical and religious monuments of Sinai and Palestine and to proportion seen with canons of Russian Orthodox Church and Nova Church of Sacred Russia.

Orthodox Chariot of God
Tsar in gold armor with bow and arrows flied on the Chariot of Cub which moved in three measurements and five environments. The engine has consisted of two cubes promptly rotating around of prana in the opposite parties. The chariot coped five sense organs of the tsar sitting inside. She had seven vaults of protection, ruled over five elements, possessed an inexhaustible stock of energy and was accompanied by eleven Guardian Angels.

Personal rescue in terrestrial and eternal life
Gradually the believing person will join global network consciousness of clergy and flock of Nova Church of Sacred Russia and will feel itself part of the Cover of Russia. General spiritual energy of orthodox people begins to support fortress oppress also bodies of each concrete person.

Decree № 10 from 21.09.2011 by Grand Prince of All Russia.
The Decree of Grand Prince of All Russia about creation of Nova Church of Sacred Russia, purpose of Pontifex Maximus and organizational questions.

Speech to Russian people and world.
We invite in our Nova Church of all believers from Orthodox and Christians. Our doors are open for any person. Those who will come the first will be rescued also, and those who will come the last. The awful destiny is intended to those who will not have time to follow us.

The main canon of the orthodox doctrine of Nova Church of Sacred Russia consists in Russian origin of Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and Sir Jesus Christ Zlatoust. The Nova Church of Sacred Russia calls Christians to accept the truth and to be cleared ото lie and a deceit, seized with initial church and laymen. The paramount problem of Nova Church of Sacred Russia will consist in preparation of nations of the world for transition through catastrophic updating of the Earth and human civilization and also in construction of new reality with survived people.

Sign of the cross.
Jesus Christ Zlatoust on ancient mosaics and frescos of XI century and the next centuries was make sign of the cross by two fingers other three fingers have been combined on Trinity. Same is it mudra of love.

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Virgin Maria Vladimirovna, XI century,
Temple of Sacred Sofia, Tsargrad

God Jesus Christ Zlatoust, XI century,
Temple of Sacred Sofia, Tsargrad

Pontifex Maximus, Head of Nova Church of Holy Russia

H.I.H. Grand Prince, Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia - Third Rome, Professor of Academy of Theology of San Andres, Dr. of historical sciences, Dr. of theology, Dr. of religious sciences, Dr. of philosophy and Dr. of arts, Professor and Academician of history of Orthodox Russian Academy Kubarev Valeriy Viktorovich, Russia

Bishops of Nova Church of Holy Russia

Archibishop of Moscow and Sourozh Oleg, Grand Prince of Semigradia and Oltenia, Russia

Metropolitan of New York and USA Count Michael Javchak, USA

Archibishop of Latin America Dr. Ydenir P. Machado, HRH Prince, Brazil, deid 12.02.2017

Archibishop of Brazil Dr. Claudio Marcio Lucena Da Silva, HRH Prince, Brazil

Archibishop of Prague and Czech lands Ioannes, Count, Czech

Archbishop of Abuja Baron Prof. Dr. Joseph Solace Rankin, Nigeria

Bishop Dr. Jeong Carlos Gustavo, Count, Argentina

Bishop Dr. Dirceu Ibaldo Falcao, Count, Brazil

Bishop Dom Adlson Piovezan, Duke, Parana in Brazil

Bishop Dr. Italu Colares de Oliveira, Brazil

Bishop Dr. Carlos Saavedra Bravo, Count, Venezuela

Bishop Devon St. Denis-Richard, Canada

Bishop Professor Dr. Ely Silmar Vidal, Brazil

Bishop Professor Dr. Natanael Costa, Duke, Brazil

Bishop Donetsky Jury Gennadievich Prikotenko, Viscount, Ukraine

Archbishop of Nigeria Prof. Valentine Oforka Nwankwo, Nigeria

Bishop of Gabon Baron Bernardo Saturnin Moutou, Gabon

Bishop Prince Dr. Don José Gomes da Silva Neto, Brazil

Bishop Count Luciano Melo Depes, Brazil

Bishops of friendly Orthodox Churches

Metropolitan and Primate of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Mexico and All Latin America Dr. Daniel De Jesus Ruiz Flores, Duke, Mexico

Metropolitan and Archbishop AOCC Brendan–Michael Hammacher, Count, USA

Bishop and Founder of Orthodox Christian Church of Argentina Makarrio (Dr. Sergio Oscar Alunni), Argentina

News of Holy Russia 05.05.2024: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

News of Holy Russia 11.04.2024: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Title Baron of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich on Knight Christian Francois Balfroid. Viscount Masaru Kamitani was appointed Ambassador of Culture of Holy Russia and the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Japan.

News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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