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Each person questions of rescue of a transitory body in a terrestrial life and excite souls in a life eternal. The modern Christianity does not give answers to terrestrial problem, more likely it even suggests people to destroy the flesh if she is sinful. To us advise to not sin, adhere to precepts and to keep soul for a life eternal. The usual life of parishioners of attendants of Orthodoxy does not interest, but she strongly excites believing people.

The Nova Church of Sacred Russia has attended to prosperity and success of each person believing in it already in terrestrial life. In fact all of us should go through the hardest tests for health corporal and spiritual, it is possible already at the end of 2012. Exact date of the world accident is known to nobody, but we should be ready to it every minute.

Jesus Christ spoke (Mathew, chapter 25): « 1 Then it will be similar Kingdom of heaven to ten maidens who, having taken the fixtures, have left towards to the groom. 2 From them five was wise and five unreasonable. 3 Unreasonable, having taken the fixtures, have not taken with itself some oil. 4 Wise, together with the fixtures, have taken oils in the vessels … 13 So, be awake, because do not know neither day, nor hour in which the Son Human » will come

Let's assimilate to people reasonable and we shall prepare a body and soul for tests.

In the Sacred legend of Orthodox Church there is a set of legends about the Cover of the Virgin, sleeping inhabitants of Tsargrad from attacks of hostile tribes. The cover means the certain spiritual force protecting territory and its inhabitants from troubles and misfortunes. Dmitry Rostovsky in Sacred Vitas so describes the phenomenon of the Cover of the Virgin:

« When over Andrew with Epiphany beheld this marvelous vision, the Mother of God prayed at long o'clock, pouring over tears the Divine and Pure the person. Having ended here pray has approached to throne, prayed here again for forthcoming people. Upon termination of a pray, has removed from itself shine like lightning a great and terrible coverlet which carried on Pure to the chapter and, holding it with Grand solemnity the Pure hands, has spread above all worth people. Strange this man enough time looked at this open coverlet above people and shine like lightning glory of God; and how long there was there Sacred Virgin, probably there was also coverlet. On gone Her, it has become also is invisible. But having taken it with herself, she has left good fortune former there »

Cover of the Virgin, 1399.

The description of the phenomenon of the Cover corresponds to influence of the certain luminous power field which after installation in due course becomes invisible. Naturally the Cover is not transferred from raincoat or coverlet, this description is limited to frameworks of primitive terminology of the uneducated observer. In modern representation cover this quantum power field preserving object from external negative influences.

Quantum power field by religious tradition as the Cover sacred objects, for example, can create deeply esteemed icons. In the past in Russia for protection of all territory used four icons. They as though formed an invisible Cover above Russia, transferring the good fortune to three-dimensional space.

Thus it is necessary to understand precisely, that the power quantum field, what powerful would not be, eventually collapses under influence of external factors. Strongest of them have natural essence are thunder-storms and a lightning, geophysical processes, earthquakes, magnetic and solar storms. Probably is also the influences caused by the skilled operator, capable to create quantum power fields. A question in the one to whom it serves – to goods or harm.

Therefore ancient Orthodox power fields very long time ago have collapsed, and the modern church simply is not capable to form them anew as she left from initial Orthodoxy of Russia to darkness Jewish heresies and obscurantism. True Princes of Russia who could create similar influences, excommunication from authority and are averted from management of Church. Ceremonies and religious rites of Church have lost the initial essence, having kept only to some extent the external form. Formally the church christens people, gives communicating and releases from sins, carries out cathedrals and other assemblies of clergy and flock, fondly hoping on convergence of Sacred Spirit. However effect from these actions minimal. Russians till now remain outside of church where on regular basis go only pair percent of people. It means absence of real belief and presence of Sacred Spirit in clergy, flock and temples.

The Nova Church of Sacred Russia believes the first problem development of belief in parishioners and rescue of Russian people. As we already wrote in the works, we name Russian people of all people who trust to Sacred Russia and canons of Nova Church of Sacred Russia, without division of parishioners to an ethnic attribute and place of residing of these.

For rescue Orthodox it is necessary to create and support the Cover or quantum power field around of each bishop, the priest, the attendant and the parishioner, and through them the Cover will be transferred to sacred subjects, temples, cities and lands. At due development of Nova Church of Sacred Russia and growth of number of adherents worldwide, the divine good fortune through people will be transferred to territory of Russia and even to all Earth. In this case Orthodox, under the direction of Pontifex Maximus, can operate quantum processes in scales of all planet and surrounding space. Efficiency of influence will depend only on quality of synchronization of quantum fields of each adherent.

For formation of global Cover of planet, it is necessary to organize orientation of praying people to one astronomical object. As such object it is possible to use the Sun or Polar Star, depending on problems of general pray. As the operator of the Cover Pontifex Maximus or others prepared Princes of Russia will act.

Variant of Russian Star.

Variant of Russian Star.

Let's address to personal protection and rescue Orthodox Nova Church of Sacred Russia. For occurrence in fertile interaction good luck and his lineal descendants on the Earth, and also with other believers, Orthodox should pass ceremony of an additional christening the Cub of Russ with use of crystals of special salt which was used in sacraments with our ancient ancestors. During performance of ceremony for peak efficiency it is necessary to put on the left hand small tattoo with the image Cub of Russ (an eight-final Russian Star). There are some variants of signs and each believer can choose to itself the Star of Russia to the taste and understanding. During christening the Cub of Russ and distribution of paint of tattoo on an organism, all body Orthodox will receive physical protection against external amazing factors besides it will find the steady material carrier of general quantum fertile field directly inside the organism. Thus it is useful to carry usual body crosses and special amulet as the Russian Star.

Personal quantum field of the person as Cuba Russia has perfectly represented on an icon Spas in forces by painter Andrew Rublyov in far 1408. Around of the carrier of a quantum field the spherical object in the size about two meters (sphere of Leonardo) inside which two equal spatial cubes are located is formed. Cubic objects or chakra are strung on one vertical axis corresponding to prana of the person, and rotate in the opposite parties with the certain speed. Sides of one of cubes are plane-parallel to the ground and the axis of rotation passes equally in geometrical the center of two sides, and other cube as though costs vertically on one of the tops, the second top of cube is directly above head of the person, and the axis of rotation passes through these two tops of cube. At men cubes rotate in the following directions – the flat cube turns clockwise and vertical cube – counter-clockwise. For women direction of rotation to opposite man's variant – the flat cube rotates counter-clockwise and vertical cube – clockwise. Cub of Russ in working order from the party reminds luminous cocoon with the bright rotating fires corresponding to tops of cubes.

Spas in forces, Andrey Rublyov, 1408.

If the believing person himself cannot understand this complex spatial configuration it should trust in knowledge of Pontifex Maximus and skilled priests. For maintenance of fertile personal field believing people should hold during pray hands in the special image. The person during pray and meditations can stand or sit. Hands should be held before a breast, having combined their special image, on distance of 10-15 cm from body.

Position of palms is reminded mudra by turtle, which strengthens energy of bio field of the person. Men should press the left palm the back party to the right palm in vertical position and to connect ends of the big fingers, also having arranged them vertically. The left palm four fingers is responsible for amplification of energy of rotation of flat cube clockwise, and the right palm four fingers strengthens energy of rotation of vertical cube counter-clockwise. Two big fingers focus vertical axis of rotation of cubes, strengthening efficiency are wise.

For women it is required to accept position of hands opposite to a man's variant. The right palm of the woman is vertically lying down the back party on the left palm, and ends of the big fingers incorporate in vertical position.

The main task of parishioners will be independent maintenance of the protective cocoon in working order. For amplification of a protective field it is necessary to visit joint divine services, to meet skilled priests and Pontifex Maximus who will be visually and to support spiritually fertile communication between all believing people. Actually all adherents of Nova Church of Sacred Russia will be in constant spiritual contact with each other, forming global model of network reason and good fortune. The Sacred Spirit will descend on clergy and laymen, supporting all in pleasure and mountain. Development of network reason will lead to occurrence novel before technologies of dialogue of people with each other. Probably even creation of virtual world network community, like the Internet when participants of network reason will communicate with each other at spiritual level, transferring each other the information and images. To people will mentally present certain screen with the icons placed on it which will carry out the certain functions enough and to be started by effort of will.

The image of cub cubed.

Installation and maintenance around of the believing person of field Cub of Russ will protect the carrier from external amazing factors, to support immune system of an organism, to treat various diseases, to strengthen vital activity in all fields of activity of the person, to prevent accidents and to resist to any negative spiritual calls of world around.

The quantum fertile interrelation from Pontifex Maximus as the main operator and the defender of Russian people and Nova Church of Sacred Russia, it will be transferred through ordination and christening by the Cub of Russ to bishops and priests, then from them to other priests, finally good fortune will be transferred usual parishioners during christening by the Cub of Russ. Physically Pontifex Maximus during sacrament mentally transfers the personal quantum field on again christening the Orthodox person. Then the personal biological field Orthodox will be supported by diligence of the adherent, joint pray in Church, fulfillment of sacraments and ceremonies, and also daily pray and meditation of Pontifex Maximus. Mutual spiritual work of clergy and flock will carry out continuous fertile communication between all adherents of Church.

Joint divine services and prays can create the global quantum power field (Cover) controlled by Pontifex Maximus. It starts the mechanism of an initial Cover to which priests and believing people are connected during personal and communal pray, and also who is able, and meditations. Experience of mankind speaks what to meditate some percent of people are able only. Skilful operators of the Cover can become only Sacred Russ, as lineal descendants of the God Father. They can be revealed from weight of people on abilities, family tree and to the genetic analysis. In Russia and the surrounding countries Sacred Russ are descendants of Rurik, Saklan dynasty of tsars of the Volga Bulgaria and Genghis khan.

Further the quantum power field of the Earth will be continuously supported by new generations of people, in particular, descendants of Pontifex Maximus. In case of the termination of sort of the Pontifex Maximus, the new operator is selected from the most prepared Princes of Russ of other families.

In the conclusion we shall formulate simple rules for personal rescue of soul and body of the person. The orthodox believer should pass an additional ceremony of christening the Cub of Russ and create around of itself protective cocoon of spiritual energy. Process of christening by the Cub of Russ is recommended to be combined with drawing tattoo as the Russian Star on the left hand. Then the believing person should visit on regular basis Church and participate in joint divine services under the direction of Pontifex Maximus. Gradually the believing person will join global network consciousness of clergy and flock of Nova Church of Sacred Russia and will feel itself part of the Cover of Russia. General spiritual energy of orthodox people begins to support fortress oppress also bodies of each concrete person. In case of approach of global cataclysm, believers will need to carry out precisely commands of the main operator of the Cover of Russia and all Planets is Pontifex Maximus, that joint spiritual efforts to rescue, the families and the Earth.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus,

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


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The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

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News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
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