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Holy Russia - Third Rome

Board of Council of Princes of the Russian
Imperial House of Rurikovich

H.I.H. Grand Prince, Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia - Third Rome, Professor of Academy of Theology of San Andres, Dr. of historical sciences, Dr. of theology, Dr. of religious sciences, Dr. of philosophy and Dr. of arts, Professor and Academician of history of Orthodox Russian Academy Kubarev Valeriy Viktorovich, Russia

Grand Prince Alexey Valerievich Kubarev, Russia

Prince of Ural Zyatev Igor Alekseevich, Russia

Prince of Tataria Yusupov Vagiz Anvarbekovich, Russia

Assembly of Princes of the Russian
Imperial House of Rurikovich

Prince Don Rafael Andújar y Vilches, Spain

Duke Don Francisco Rodriguez Aguado, Spain

Baron Dr. Zeferino Gonzalez Arroyo, Philippines

Viscount Dr. Andrey Vladimirovich Arkhipovskiy, Russia

Baron Dr. Charles Attard, Malta

Countess Anna Angelina von Bach, Sweden

Count Dr. Moyses Barbosa, Brazil

Viscountess Johanna Antonia Hendrika Maria van den Berg, Spain and Netherlands

Baron Bottino Michele, Italy

Baron Yuri Evgenievich Borokhov, Russia

Baron Dr. Stefan Urs Breu, Swiss Confederation

Countess Angele L N Rutten von Brixen en Montzel, Netherlands

Baroness Ekaterina Burlakova, Sweden

Prince Burtsev Michael Mihailovich, Russia

Baroness Marta Burcevova, Slovakia

Baron David Jonathan Luc Decrop, Belgium

Count Roger Magne Djupvik, Norway

Duke Dr. Daniel De Jesus Ruiz Flores, Metropolitan and Primate of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Mexico and All Latin America

Baron Richard Henry Fournaux, Mayor of Dinant, Belgium

Countess Oksana Vitvitskaya, France

Princess Dr. Sherra Cantrell
Stephens–Jarrells, USA

Count David Odell Clevenger, USA

Count Academician Valentine Fedorovich Grakovich, Russia

Count, Bishop, Dr. Jeong Carlos Gustavo, Argentina

Bishop Count Dr. Dirceu Ibaldo Falcao, Brazil

Viscount Dr. Bogdan Grzegorz Filipiak, Poland

Viscount Jan Peter Gallsjo, Sweden

Duke Dr. Freddy Gonzales Flores, Bolivia

Countess Raquel Rodriguez Gonzalez de Fontenova, Spain

Metropolitan of New York and USA Count Michael Javchak, USA

Prince Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov, General of Justice, Federal Arbitration Judge, Russia

Count Brendan–Michael Hammacher, Metropolitan and Archbishop AOCC, USA

Baron Michel Rene Patrice Hensmans, Belgium

Count Harry–Eric Hesse von Hessenstein, Germany

Viscount Georges Karel Henri Himpens, Belgium

Baron Bernd von Hoehle-Kleinertz, Germany

Duke Peter Leopold von Hohenberg, Austria

Duke Karl Friedrich Volker von Hohenberg, Germany

Madoka Duchess Iwamoto van der Merwede, Japan

Vladyka Ioannes Count of Prague and Cherkassy, Czech

Viscount Dr. Masaru Kamitani, Japan

Prince Komonen Markku, Finland

Baron Oleg Alexandrovich Kravtsov, Belgium

Prince Krasnoborov Michail Vladimirovich, Lithuania

General of Army Count Valeriy Gennadievich Polyansky von Kraulis, Russia

General–Colonel Count Mikhailo Alexandrovich Krejany, Australia

Elder Prince Vladislav Vitalievich Kubarev, Russia

Mother Princess Isaeva (Kubareva) Lyudmila Pavlovna, Russia

Prince Kudryashov Andrey Vladimirivich, Russia

Princess Kurbskaya Anna Viktorovna, Russia

Marquis Lahiry Valery Tusharendrovich, Russia, India

Duchess Lahiry Ramola Tusharendrovna, Russia, India

Prince, Bishop, Dr. Claudio Marcio Lucena Da Silva, Brazil

Prince Lvoff Mikhael Andreevich, USA

Prince Josef Macskay Ostravsky, Czech

Count (Graf) Maurice Jerome Gerard van Maldeghem, Belgium

Prince Bo Andres Malmgren (06.06.1953-16.11.2015), Sweden

Prince Petr Manas, Czech

HRH Prince Dr. Ydenir P. Machado, bishop, Brazil, died 12.02.2017

Baroness Marie Jose Martens, Belgium

Dr. Ernesto Freiherr von Mentzingen. Sweden

Duke Alexander van der Merwede, Belgium

Count George Henry van der Merwede , USA

Baron Terry von Meyers, USA

Baron Bishop Bernardo Saturnin Moutou, Gabon

Prince Novikov Glinsky Yuriy Leonidovich, Russia

Countess Sonia Maria de Oliveira, Italy

Vladyka Oleg Olegovich Olteniev, Grand Prince of Semigradia and Oltenia, Russia

Prince Dr. Roelof Pieter Quint, Netherlands

Count Hernando Pineros, Columbia

Viscountess Maria Mercedes Elvira de Prada, Spain

Baroness Eva Pregu, Italy, Albania

Bishop Donetsky Dr. Jury Gennadievich Prikotenko, Viscount, Ukraine

Baron Gregory Vladimirovich Pyatov, Russia

Baron Archbishop Prof. Dr. Joseph Solace Rankin, Nigeria

Count Major General Esteban Enrique Rigueiro, Argentina

Sir Paul Craven Robinson Duke of Courland and Livonia, Great Britain

Viscountess Elke Lina Elisabeth van Saathoff, Germany

Baron Olivier Dario Jolly Savardi, Belgium

Savin Andrey Georgievich, the academician of Academy of Folk Art, member of Board of the Moscow Merchant Class, Russia

Prince and Duke Dr. Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola, Italy

Baron Dr. George Ivanovich Serdtsev, Russia

Baron Igor Valerievich Skurlatov, Russia

Viscountess Anna Maria Spalvieri, Italy

Baron Antonio Sciortino, Italy

Baroness Svetlana Starshinova, Russia

Viscount Prof. Dr. Stacey Alan Teruya, USA

Baroness Shirley Diana van Thol, Netherlands

Princess Tolstaya Elena Alekseevna, Russia

Princess Rebecca Ann Tudor, USA

Baronesses Natalia Trushechkina, Russia

Baron Don Michelanglo Pastore, Italy

Duke and Bishop Dom Adlson Piovezan, Parana in Brazil

Iman Ac. Porohova Valeria Mihailovna, Russia

Agha Dr. Yaman Namli Hakki, Turkey

Count Andreas Stephan von Wagner, Germany

Count Samuele Lovato, Italy

Count Dr. Matthias Friedrich Bork, Canada

Count Dr. Madhu Krishan, India

Bishop of Brazil, Dr. Italu Colares de Oliveira, Brazil

Bishop of Venezuela, Count Dr. Carlos Saavedra Bravo, Venezuela

Bishop of Canada, Devon St. Denis-Richard, Canada

Count Dr. Pavlos Rizos, Greece

Count Vladimiros Rizos, Greece

Baron Jose Vandersanen, Belgium

Baroness Elena Mihailovna Vishnevskaya, Russia

Baron Brian Lee Vocke, USA

Marquis Dr. Benjamin Zvenia, USA

Bishop Professor Dr. Ely Silmar Vidal, Brazil

Duke, Bishop, Professor, Dr. Natanael Costa, Brazil

Bishop Prince Dr. Don José Gomes da Silva Neto, Brazil

Count Miguel Georges Coppieters ‘t Wallant, Belgium

Viscountess Anna Su-Yin Wang, Singapore

H.R.H. Prince Tengku Pangeran Abdullah Ali Chandrarupa Wibowo, Indonesia

Assembly of Knights and Ladies of the
Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich

Knight Roman Vladimirovich Igonin, Russia

Knight Patrick Marcel Gaignaux, Belgium

News of Holy Russia 10.01.2020: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
A regular session of the Krasnogorsk city court of the Moscow region was held on the claim of the Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev to establish an official fact of kinship with Ivan IV the Terrible. At the request of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation (Defendant), the case was postponed to January 31, 2020, the meeting will be held at 11-30 o’clock in 210 Hall.

News of Holy Russia 26.12.2019: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
On January 20-24, 2020 the Open Reality development center in Moscow will host a course of lectures and seminars Another History. Paid classes are conducted by Valeriy Kubarev, Professor and Academician of the history of the Orthodox Russian Academy. Students of five seminars receive the Certificate Leader of Russ of the XXI century. We invite everyone!

News of Holy Russia 23.12.2019: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

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