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News of Sacred Russia 06.08.2012: Pilgrim visit of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev to Vladimir city.

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This year I could visit some times ancient Russian city Vladimir. Lot of time I been in ancient Orthodox temples of capital of the Vladimir–Suzdal Russia. In territory Vladimir Kremlin two cathedrals – Uspensky (1158-1160) and Dmitrievsky (1194-1197) were kept. In these churches as in a mirror, all peripetias of development and fading of Orthodoxy in Russia were reflected.

Dmitrievsky (Dmitry Solunsky) and Uspensky cathedrals are a part of the State Vladimir-Suzdal museum – reserve, however Uspensky temple is in joint conducting a museum and Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), therefore divine services there are carried out. Outside both cathedrals make celebratory impression, create raised and joyful mood, that it is no wonder, in fact they are pearls white stone architecture in Russia.

Inside Dmitrievsky cathedral there are no attributes modern ROC, walls of natural white color, on some of them were kept the ancient frescos executed by icon painter Andrew Rublyov. Images create feelings of ease and solemnity. Through windows top towers and domes and an arch part of walls inside of church will penetrate solar beams, filling a premise light and goods. An air dome of cathedral put up ideas of the praying person up, to unification with God. In soul there is a natural sensation of a holiday from dialogue with Lord. The cathedral does not provide presence of a bell tower. In olden time of a bell tower did on the ground, placing bells under a small canopy. Nobody tried to lift multiton bells on height it practically was not possible and is not necessary. Bells directly on a place of the subsequent installation were made.

Golden Gate of Vladimir:

Dmitrievsky (Dmitry Solunsky) cathedral in Vladimir:

Internal furniture of Dmitrievsky cathedral (Andrew Rublev fresco XV century):

Full contrast to Dmitrievsky cathedral is Uspensky cathedral. External ease and fabulousness of a temple Sirs is replaced inside by a picture of tomb and crypt. Interiors Uspensky cathedral today create burdensome and gloomy mood. The soul gets in suppressed, a depression. Builders of a temple in the past at all did not assume that their descendants will transform a cathedral into a sad tomb. The cathedral was reconstructed in 1186-1189 at Prince Vsevolod Big Jack. From initial frescos only small fragments were kept. In the beginning of XV century about 1409 icon painter Andrew Rublyov has created unique frescos and an iconostasis. The central place of an iconostasis borrowed Spas in forces. In this surprising picture the principle of action of meditation the Chariot of God or the Chariot of Cub is represented. Jesus Christ Zlatoust is shown in an environment of astral fields – two cubes rotating around of the operator on an axis of prana and entered in Leonardo’s sphere (diameter about 2 meters). The pray and meditation create life-giving Sacred Spirit which creates quantum miracles around of the God Son.

For this reason all ancient Russian temples were under construction as spatial cubes when all architecture of church served creation of divine presence and maintenance of generation of meditation the Chariot of Cub. Actually churches served as quantum generators for maintenance of good fortune and prosperity of the surrounding grounds and peoples. Christian divine service continuously initiated the Cover of Russia, protecting believing people and Princes of Russia. Orthodoxy was the alive and developing doctrine bringing kindly and light to parishioners. Blossoming of the Vladimir–Suzdal state has been connected to correct glorification Sirs.

Uspensky cathedral in Vladimir in the winter and in the summer:

Degradation of a cult construction began after visiting it by Empress Ekaterina II in 1767. The official version of a history says, that empress has disposed « to recreate grandeur of an ancient temple », having allocated for this purpose 14 thousand rubles. New origin a cathedral have been lead in spirit of that time, the most main change has touched heart of a temple – together Andrew Rublev's ancient iconostasis has been established new, executed in baroque style. Ancient iconostasis of Uspensky cathedral from Vladimir has been sold in 1768-1774 to peasants of village Vasilievskoe of Shuisky district of the Vladimir province. Invaluable icons of hand of Andrew Rublev have come into the hands of simple peasants who have managed to keep ancient relics. Actually German masters Ekaterina II have destroyed a masterpiece of Orthodoxy of Russia and have transformed Uspensky cathedral into typical church of Jewish–Christian heresy. The temple was huge therefore quickly to destroy all traces of true Orthodoxy it was not possible. The external shape of a cathedral on extent XVIII-XIX of centuries has undergone serious changes: were male bigger windows, special buttresses are built, the roof is established four slope. Near to a cathedral in 1810 the harmonious bell tower which represents for steps construction having in the basis four angular columns has been built, with arch apertures (are nowadays incorporated), and coming to the end with a high gilded spike. In 1862 under the project of architect N.A. Artleben between a bell tower and Uspensky cathedral has been constructed George place which from the north has merged with the bottom circle of a bell tower. In same XIX century all internal furniture’s of a construction have been painted by "correct" frescos, thus all white stone the laying has been painted with a dark green paint, having created a sepulchral interior. Numerous windows and light apertures of a temple have been hammered by boards or other "cult" subjects – an iconostasis, icons and « an art decor ».

Vladimir's Andrew Rublev's invaluable icons of ancient iconostasis Uspensky cathedral, sold for kopecks (few cents) to peasants of the Vladimir province at the end of XVIII century:

Andrew Rublev's icon Spas in forces (Jesus Christ meditation the Chariot of Cub):

Andrew Rublev's icon Christening:

Andrew Rublev's icon Input to Jerusalem (Constantinople and the Temple of Sacred Sofia in back):

Andrew Rublev's icon Secret supper:

Andrew Rublev's icon Convergence of Sacred Spirit:

Andrew Rublev's icon Crucifixion:

Andrew Rublev's icon Removal from a cross:

Andrew Rublev's icon Convergence in a hell:

Instead of « a reconstruction of grandeur of an ancient temple » Uspensky cathedral has been transformed into tomb where light happens only in days when the big gate of temple open some. The board of the German–Danish House of Romanovs in XVIII-XX centuries has finished with true Orthodoxy of Russia in the kindest and kind intentions of foreign elite. In Russia the Jewish-Christian heresy which has come to us from the West in a vein of following to decisions Trident’s cathedral of XVI century has become stronger.

In May 1991 in Russia the Russian Orthodox Church based by priests and bishops with communistic and KGB by the past has appeared. Communists and oprichnik’s who destroyed Orthodoxy and aristocracy of Russia within Revolution and Civil war and also years of Stalin reprisals, have dressed up in sacred and flatterers of Orthodoxy. Having typed by improbable impudence and cynicism, oprichnik’s began to assert, that are assignees of ancient thousand-year Orthodoxy of Russia. By present time in Russia practically all orthodox constructions and values are transferred or privatized ROC. On any ridiculous sneer communists and security officers in cassocks have adopted all madness and obscurantism of Orthodox Church of the period of board of the House of Romanovs. The heresy of Jewish-Christian it has blossomed in ROC. Seminary students and clergy not only do not want to participate in discussion about doctrines of Orthodoxy, but even any such attempts name aspiration to destroy Orthodoxy and to destroy Orthodox Church.

Interiors of Uspensky cathedral of Vladimir after « a reconstruction of grandeur of an ancient temple » in XVIII-XIX centuries (a "correct" iconostasis, dark frescos on walls, last photo is Andrew Rublev's open ancient fresco):

Global ignorance and obscurantism have got unprecedented support from the state of Putin’s vertical of authority. At schools and educational institutions violently began to teach children of error and absurd of the Jewish-Christian heresy which is given out for thousand-year true. This policy ROC and the Russian state have led to full degradation and isolation of church from a modern civilized society. Visiting of temples ROC became connected to continuous insults and attacks on the part of serving churches and arrivals. Parishioners are met on a threshold and in church shops by spiteful and mentally unbalanced women. At any moment of you "just" clergymen and their assistants can offend or curse.

Is simple example from my last visit in Vladimir's Uspensky cathedral. To get in a temple, visitors are compelled to buy the ticket in cost of 80 rubles. Only local parishioners who known by serving churches is let free-of-charge. All other people are compelled to fork up. Even having bought the ticket, I could not receive answers to questions concerning to a temple. Spiteful women have told to me that if I want to learn something about temple should pay special excursion. There was a strange impression, that my ancestors – Princess of Russia, have enclosed huge means and efforts to construction of numerous temples, cathedrals, monasteries and churches that in XXI century of them the ignorant and obscurantist persons taking personal benefits from work in these have grasped.

The picture of a total hopelessness, spiritual oppression and dictatorship of patriarchy ROC is observed in all temples, monasteries, churches and arrivals. In the main cathedral of the country - the Temple of the Christ of the Savior the ramified network on extraction of the profit from the real estate and subjects of a cult operates. Payments for ceremonies, icons, candles and other subjects of religious use refer to as donations of parishioners. The poor cynicism and violation of Christian values are looked through in all acts of a patriarchy and clergy of ROC.

Appearance of Uspensky cathedral in Vladimir in the summer:

The entrance ticket for visiting of the Orthodox temple for 80 rubles:

Before the face of God it is impossible modern ROC to carry out divine service in ancient temples and sacred places of Russia. The heresy of Jewish-Christianity blasphemously offends the most ancient Orthodoxy of Russia, belief in Cub of Russ – the God Father, God Son and Sacred Spirit. Defilements and sacrileges are continuously made in ancient temples and monasteries of Moscow Kremlin, Moscow city, Vladimir, Novgorod, Kiev, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Pskov, Ryazan and many other cities of Russia and Ukraine. Blasphemies lead to destruction of belief and the spiritual base of Russian people. ROC has no right to impose the errors to flock and the Russian authority and furthermore to own and dispose of the cult constructions of Russia created before coming to power of Peter I and his illegal successors from Denmark and Germany.

On September 21, 2011 the alternative dying in obscurantism and ignorance of ROC has been created. Church of Alive Orthodoxy the Nova Church of Sacred Russia has received the name. The clergy and flock ROC and also other churches, can enter the created structure of true Orthodoxy of Russia. But the historical initiative of Princes of Russia has got in vacuum of contempt and hushing up on the part of official church and the government of Russia.

How to achieve attention and to explain to this obscurantist crowd of ignorant barbarians, what Equal Apostles Sacred Prince Vladimir Rurikovich was the father of Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and grandfather of Jesus Christ Zlatoust and Equal Apostles Sacred Princess Olga was the foremother of the Virgin and Jesus Christ? How to prove to ignoramuses, what Equal Apostles Sacred Emperor Constantine Great Flavius and his mother Sacred Elena direct primogenitors of Rurikovich and all Sacred Russ? How to tell to flock, what Princes of Russ – Flavius is Virgin Maria and Jesus Christ Zlatoust is Russian Princes have created Christianity and the Russian statehood? How to simple people to understand, what Princes of Russia are Sacred Russ and Holy on the fact of the birth, what they till now are alive and require support of Russian people? My questions have rhetorical character. From ROC and the Russian state the true is not necessary for communists and security officers. They are excited only with authority and an opportunity of extraction of the profit from church and the usurped state machinery of Russia. Orthodoxy in Russia is seized by barbarians. Churches ROC everywhere became a stronghold of modern barbarity and paganism.

Icon the Mother of God Vladimir’s (a lifetime portrait of Virgin Maria Vladimirovna, Constantinople XI century):

Long years Princes of Russia try to draw attention of the public, the state and Church to questions of an establishment of true and necessity of reform of church and Orthodoxy, the state and the constitutional device of Russia. For the ripened church reform the Nova Church of Sacred Russia has been founded, institute Pontificate is founded, ancient alive Orthodoxy of Russia is recreated, True Empty Tomb is found and the New Crusade for clearing of True and Empty Tomb is declared.

The answer to descendants of fathers – founders of Russia on their numerous initiatives became full ignoring authority activity of Princes of Russia, an establishment of true and will Sirs. The pure evil corrects ball in Russia. We believe that the similar behavior of Imperious and spiritual structures will lead to utter annihilation of Russian people, Russia and Orthodox Church. Authority propertying damnations of fathers – founders of Christianity, Russ and Russia will wait. We can encourage adherents of the totalitarian state and church machine of Russia what to wait for damnation him it is not necessary long. There are only illusive chances of restoration of balance of goods and evil. We have made everything to avoid catastrophic consequences of reign of obscurantism, incompetence and ignorant in Russia. Having ears yes will hear.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus,

Dr.h.s. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


Link: http://kubarev.ru/en/content/371.htm

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