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Rock of Cub, Qubbat as-Sahra or Solomon Temple

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In the world there is a monument on Temple Mountain which is the general sacred place for all religions of monotheism. Legends are connected to it and inventions Jewish, Christians and Moslems. These imaginations have led to forcing of intensity between Jews and Arabs in the city of Al Kuds, named Jews and the modern "civilized" world Jerusalem. Moslems call sanctuary of Temple Mountain Qubbat as-Sahra, constructed above the Foundation Stone. Jews count monument the illegal construction ostensibly erected on a place of Solomon Temple or the Second Temple of Israelis.

Jews also believe that it is necessary for them to demolish sanctuary Qubbat as-Sahra and on his place to erect New Temple to approach occurrence of the Messiah. According to promises of the Jewish prophets, after arrival of the Messiah on Temple Mountain last, Third Temple which becomes the spiritual center for Jewish people and all mankind will be built up. Expectation of Terrible Court also is connected to Temple Mountain.

Let's understand, that such Qubbat as-Sahra and Solomon Temple, and what value has sanctuary for Christians, Moslems and Jewish.

Qubbat as-Sahra has been constructed on command Umayyad caliph Abd Al Malik in 684-705 architects and engineers Radja ben Haiva from Bisan and Yazid ben Salyam from Al Kuds. According to Muslim representations, inside a construction there is a ledge of a rock from which, under the legend, Prophet Mohammed has made miraje. Due to this ledge Qubbat as-Sahra has received the name. Years of erection of a monument correspond to boards of Emperor of New Rome is Justinian Rhinotmetos (685-711) and Great Hagan to Great Bulgaria Sulabi.

According to reconstruction of the history executed by Great Pontifex, Emperor Justinian Rhinotmetos and Khagan Sulabi is one person. Thus Khagan Sulabi has got in books of the Old Testament under name of Tsar Solomon. Grandfather Sulabi called Great Khagan Kubrat, based Great Bulgaria or Great Israel. Khagan Kubrat, in turn, it is identified with Tsar David of Israelis. A part of Great Bulgaria or Great Israel was Palestine, including city of Al Kuds.

Hence, on time frameworks and real historical events, Solomon Temple precisely corresponds to sanctuary Qubbat as-Sahra. Nobody damage also did not destroy the second Temple of Israelis, it strictly costs on the place where it have constructed more 1300 years ago – on the Rock of Cub. Thus, in present clause we have brought a kind message to the Israeli people that the Second Temple was found in an integrity and safety, therefore they can easy wait for arrival of the Messiah.

Let's pay attention to word Qubbat. For some reason modern Arabs, Jews and Europeans consider, that it means dome. We earlier already showed, that the dome – cupola in Latin language has root cub, that is concerns the maximum deity and symbolizes Cub of Russ.

We believe that word Qubbat occurs on behalf of Great Khagan Kubrat, it is Flavius Heraclius Augustus – Emperor Heraclius. By the way, as Heraclius became Iraclius by Russian it began necessary to ask the western historians dexterously manipulating by pronunciation and spelling of many sacral words, subjects and concepts. The Old Testament has named Kubrat like Tsar David who lived not during the most ancient times, and in 570-665 of Christian era.

At Moslems Khagan Kubrat became the prototype of Prophet Mohammed even year of birth 570 at them coincides. Pontifex Maximus has shown in the reconstruction of history that Prophet Mohammed actually lived in 1090-1152 and the image of the Prophet became compilation of two persons – Kubrat and Mohammed.

Kubrat rendered indelible influence on formation of east religion monotheism – the Islam. In honor of him just names Qubbat as-Sahra (684-705) in Al Kuds and Qubbat Al Khazna (789), Sundial of Qubbat (780) and Qubbat an Nofara (1200) in Umayyad Mosque in Damascus also have appeared. To read names Rock of Kubrat, Treasury of Kubrat, O’clock of Kubrat and Fountain of Kubrat more correctly. Great Khagan Kubrat in an Islam became synonym of the maximum deity Cub. Therefore first-born names of these constructions will sound as the Rock of Cub, Treasury of Cub, O’clock of Cub and the Fountain of Cub. Reflect, to call "dome" rock, treasury, o’clock and fountain ridiculously. Thus all constructions are executed as octagons that are flat projections of spatial Cube Cubed that completely confirms our interpretation.

Now we shall explain why numerous legends are connected to Temple Mountain in Al Kuds about the Corner stone of religion monotheism. We believe that to the founder of Christianity Titus Vespasianus Flavius (birth on 9) in this place at the end of the first century there has came idea to create Christianity. Flavius many decades lived in Palestine. Pontifex Maximus identifies the first Flavius with tsar from Bulgarian annals Djagfar Taryhi by name Tash Bash (7-150), son of Kubar. The Old Testament names Tash Bash or Flavius like Abraham.

It is known that Abraham tried to sacrifice to the God of son Isaac on the Foundation Stone to speed up arrival of the Messiah. Antiquated Isaac it is identified by us with Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantius Chlorus died in 306. On Bulgarian chronicles Isaac-Chlorus for specific color of hair referred to Aga Ruja or Red Aga. It has caused on duel Tash Bash – Flavius – Abraham and has killed it. We think what exactly duel between Vespasianus and Chlorus became the prototype of legend about bringing the first-born son in victim to the God. We also believe that place of duel between Aga Ruja and Tash Bash became platform of Temple Mountain in Al Kuds.

Later 560 years on this sacred place under the order of Tsar Solomon – Justinian Rhinotmetos – Sulabi have been constructed Solomon Temple. The vassal of Emperor Justinian caliph Abd Al Malik was engaged in construction of relic.

So, Qubbat as-Sahra or the Rock of Cub became Sacred Place for Christians and Moslems, and then for Jewish. In days of Kubrat and Sulabi on Northern Caucasus and the Southern Volga region the first was formed in history of planet Jewish the state – Khazar Khaganate which was component of Great Bulgaria – Great Israel.

The Rock of Cub saw all Prophets and Patriarchs of mankind from the Sort of Russ. There been Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and Jesus Christ Zlatoust in the beginning of XI century. In XII century the relic was visited by Prophet Mohammed written the Koran in 1140th.

Kubrus or Cub of Russ gives chance to all mankind to find the world and the mutual respect based on the general values, histories and religions. Eternal disputes on the superiority between Judaism, Christianity and an Islam are senseless. According to true first monotheism religion became Christianity from which the Islam and Judaism has broken away. Earlier the Christianity and an Islam have absorbed in itself worship Kubrus or to the Russian God, find reflections in sacral subjects and names. Then Judaism has decided to take historical revenge from Christianity as result of which plot on capture of world authority and unworthy transformation Judaism in the "most ancient" religion of the Earth has been carried out.

We hope that Jews and Moslems will adequately apprehend the truth and will stop senseless opposition around of Temple Mountain as Moslems have constructed and have kept Solomon – Sulabi Temple in protogenic kind. Christians also should change and get rid from Jewish heresies and obscurantism which have involved believing in politics tricks and have led to celebration of lie.

The true Cub of Russ should win lie for ever.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus,

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


Photos of sacred places of Christians, Moslems and Jewish, connected to the Cub of Russ.

The image of meditation Chariot of Kub (kinds prospect, top view and sideways)

Qubbat as-Sahra in Jerusalem.

Qubbat as-Sahra and the Western wall.

Qubbat as-Sahra, kind inside.

Qubbat as-Sahra, kind from within.

Qubbat al-Khazna in Damascus, Umayyad Mosque.

Sundial of Qubbat in Damascus, Umayyad Mosque.

Qubbat an-Nofara in Damascus, Umayyad Mosque.

News of Holy Russia 08.06.2020: Presentation of the YouTube channel of Holy Russia the Sun Ray.
The Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev launched a new media project of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich during the days of the coronavirus pandemic and forced self-isolation. Today we present the YouTube channel of Holy Russia called the Sun Ray: https://www.youtube.com/ЛучСолнца2020

News of Holy Russia 09.05.2020: Congratulations of Holy Russia to Victory Day.
Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes, National Guard of Holy Russia and Grand Prince Professor Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev congratulations to all people of good will with the Victory Day of May 9, 2020!

News of Holy Russia 10.04.2020: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev in the days of severe challenge to humanity congratulates all Christians of the world on the Light Holiday of Easter! The Earthmen once again entered the era of the Biblical tests. Easter in the Churches of Rome, Constantinople, Kiev and Moscow will be held without parishioners for the first time in history. We believe that the motto of our time should be the word HOPE. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

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