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For last centuries in Russia concepts « to be Russian » and Sacred Russia promptly collapse for the internal and external reasons. In result the paradigm of sanctity and divine selected Russian ground became the ordinary slogan which has lost sacral sense.

The first internal reason of degradation of Russian people is the alien Supreme authority in the country which after Romanov's accession became parasitic body in Sacred Russia. The imperial cancer tumor was replaced with communistic orgy of godlessness, and the modern authority in Russia was grasped by representatives of descendants of Khazar Khaganate, Judaist on belief and admirers of the Cabbala whom it is diligent dressing in toga of democrats and liberal patriots.

The second internal reason of decomposition of Russian people became the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) which for a long time comes off from Sacred Russia and has adjoined to Jewish heresy. ROC tirelessly imposes to Russian people domination Jewish religion in history of terrestrial civilization ostensibly which maximum display became Christianity. The service is conducted on not clear to parishioner’s language, as religious authority acts and feats of the Jewish patriarchs of mankind are imposed to Russian people. The church, referring on principles cathedral, has completely changed Orthodoxy of Russia on Jewish lie and heresy. Russian people are in confusion – how to combine great spirituality of Russian people and feats of the Jewish prophets?

The external reason decomposition of spirituality and integrity of Russian people began counteraction of Russia numerous foreign enemies. The West always was in a state of dependence from Sacred Russia owing to the backwardness and isolation from original places of residing and activity of lineal descendants of the Father Heavenly. Catholics and masons had to invent a substantiation of divinity of the authority in incessant struggle against carriers of divine fire – Sacred Russians. For last 500 years of ideological battles other beliefs have achieved world authority by refusal of initial belief, having broken thus will of the Father Heavenly.

For real spiritual and economic blossoming Russian people it is necessary to return to sources of belief and to be cleared of century deposits of lie, heresy and obscurantism.

The Nova Church of Sacred Russia the main problem sees in revival of Russian spirit and sacral mission of Russian society. The basis of returning good wills of the God to Russian people lays in the definition of concept of Orthodoxy – we should glorify the God correctly. More than four centuries Russian people go through fire of a hearth of Distemper for the sins and disgust from the Father Heavenly and the God – Son.

Orthodoxy is created and fostered It came from Russia – Sacred Russians, given to the world of all Patriarchs and Prophets of Christianity, since the founder of Christianity I century – Emperor Titus Vespasianius Flavius – Russ, got in the Bible under name Abraham. The Christianity became the state religion of New Rome at the grandson of the first Flavius by name Equal-to-Apostles Sacred Constantine Great Flavius who has been written down in the Bible as Ya-Cub or Jacob. Then Constantine Great grandson by name Theodosius Great Flavius, the Leader who has received honorary title of province Moesiea (Dux Moesiea), has deduced in 378-379 from religious captivity in the Volga region Israelis – Kubanites who called it Hagan Arbat. In the Old Testament to Dux Moesiea gave nominal name Leader Moses though it was the name of northern part of the Balkans and Black Sea Coast. Through generation again it was distinguished Hagan of Russ by name Flavius Aetius, which everyone know under name Attila. It has received title of Emperor with name Theodosius II Flavius, and in the Old Testament of it has named Joshua. Has passed many years, there has come VII century, and in number of patriarchs of mankind has come Great Hagan Kubrat, named by Israelis like Tsar David and Emperor Heraclius August Flavius.

Through three hundred years the Sort of Russ showed to the world wreath of wisdom of Christianity – Princess and Tsarina Virgin Maria Vladimirovna, daughter of Equal-to-Apostles of Prince Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. The confessor of the Virgin became bishop of Korsun and Great Novgorod is Joachim. In the winter 979/980 in the Sort of Russ are pure Jesus Zlatoust becoming the Savior for all mankind was born. Theoretically created Christianity, at last, in nine centuries of expectation has received the God – Son. Bible events of the New Testament occurred in the beginning of XI century on the grounds of Palestine, islands of Greece, coast of Turkey and in the main city of the world – in Tsar Grad or Jerusalem of Middle Ages.

Capture of Constantinople in 1453 the Osmanli Turks, named devout, has changed geopolitics situation in the world, having given Moslems the control over all Christian sacred places. Military defeat of Christians has caused to counteract expansion of Moslems by ideological methods that has led to rooting of lie and Jewish heresy in Christianity.

All historical, geopolitics and religious achievements of the Sort of Russ began to be disavowed diligently by a management of Christians and Masons. The truth has been changed by the invented pseudoscientific fairy tales and Jewish heresy of falsifiers of history. Representatives of Judaism with pleasure have taken advantage of gratuitous service of Catholics and have vividly copied a world history and religion of monotheism to own advantage. These destructive processes have begun in the middle of XVI century – with Trident cathedral which was taking place in 1545-1564. The doctrine of Christianity has been changed by cathedral. In 1555 the isolated world historical science "has been specified" Scaliger chronology. The original birth of the Savior has been thrown in the beginning of our era not without reason named Romans by simply Christian era. The calendar has been changed in view of the mistakes which have collected ostensibly for 1500. The new testament from XI century has been sent in I century. Antiquated Christianity I-X century has got features New Testament of Christianity. Palestine and Judea have suddenly become the Sacred Earth Israelis and Jesus Christ, and village Al Kuds became Jerusalem. Thus New Rome or Constantinople has turned to unimportant town of the Byzantium Empire though Romans did not know any Byzantium Empire, and counted itself simply citizens of Roman Empire and spoke on Ramey language is the Roman language.

In Russia decisions Trident cathedral has realized One hundred head cathedral called by young Ivan Terrible in 1551. Russian Tsar 21 years from sort was, obviously, is total bought by Catholics and Masons of Europe. It has not simply destroyed Orthodoxy of Russia, but has physically removed carriers of Sanctity of Russia – the brothers and cousins, sisters and cousines – Rurikovich’s. On fire of Distemper were lost about 3000 princes, reign also princesses of Russ – lineal descendants of Apostles, Sacred of Orthodox Church and God – Son is Jesus Christ Zlatoust. Real annals of Russ and Paterik ancient monasteries have turned to "legends" and « religious fictions », which for a dense forest of persuasiveness if have not been destroyed have tested on itself essential editing and editing with the good purpose of canonization of acts of the God – Father and the God – Son. Words of Virgin Maria Vladimirovna about special care of Russia have turned to doubtful legend. All these disgraces have been supported by the theory not touch to cathedral principle – it appears, on participants of any Christian cathedral the Sacred Spirit which ostensibly protects accomplices of heresy from mistakes condescends. Time has shown lie of this paradigm of infallibility.

All ancient Universal cathedrals passed with participation of emperors from the Sort of Russ – Flavius, which transferred the sanctity to assembly of bishops of church. In themselves bishops could not create the fertile environment of Sacred Spirit, it simply physically is impossible. The invention of church about existence "not material" the energy transmitted from one hierarch ordination to other priest, in practice does not function. The science has shown, that in the nature does not existing "not material" energy, but there are quantum fields and effects. Essence, the Sacred Spirit is the virtual environment of our world, and it is present at all is in vacuum, in subjects, in alive essences and all creations.

Jesus Christ has imposed Apostles for service of Church, having transferred them the good fortune received by him physically from the God – Father. However Apostles could not transfer qualitatively to the pupil’s good fortune without the material carrier. Divine force after repeated dissolution in mortal essence has disappeared completely. For hundreds years and millions ordination this ceremony has lost the sacral filling, having left only the form of ancient ritual.

Only lineal descendants of Prophets, Apostles and Sacred possess the physical sanctity caused by presence in an organism of 46 chromosomes of the father, transmitted in continuous circuits from the father to the son. Today is descendants of Equal-to-Apostles Sacred Prince Vladimir and Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust's is Rurikovich and Monomakhshich are alive at 31-33 knees. They possess the most powerful congenital sanctity and good fortune in this world. Descendants of Sacred Princes Alexander Nevsky and Feodor Cherny are alive also.

Inaccuracy church ordination and cathedral infallibility have led Christianity up blind alley animal instincts, including pedophilia and the homosexuality, inherent in any person, including clergy. The fatal phenomena have caused a total withdrawal of modern church from Sacred Testament and the Sacred Legend. So, decisions of Trident and One hundred head cathedrals have crossed out ancient Christianity, in due course having transformed Christians in adherents to Jewish heresies. Gradual imaginary correction of doctrines and canons has emasculated essence of Orthodoxy. Russian people from the carrier of divine good fortune have turned to the sinner damned by the God who should suffer and bear cross of tortures and misfortunes more and more. Each time the God gives a new bloody lesson to the unreasonable children, but they do not heed true, and continue to aggravate the pitiable position.

To correct a centuries-old damnation the Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Russian people should. Anybody will not help Russia, except for us. How to expiate the collected sins?

1. To accept canon of Nova Church of Sacred Russia about Russian origin of all Patriarchs and Prophets of mankind, Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and Jesus Christ Zlatoust.

2. To recognize congenital sanctity and good fortune Sacred Russians, Constantine Great descendants, and Rurikovich and Monomakhshich, forming as itself people of Sacred Russia.

3. To rally around of Sacred Russia and to form the Russian people believing in divine selected and sanctity of Russian people, without dependence from an ethnic accessory and place of residing, as defenders and colleagues of Sacred Russians.

4. Orthodox clergy to be cleared of centuries-old heresy and obscurantism and to return to bosom of people of Sacred Russia elected by the God by passage of ceremony ordination in dignity Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Sacred Russia.

5. To revive sacral essence and a sacred way of Russia, as the state–keeper of precepts between the Father Heavenly and his elected people on the Earth, by the basis of the Third Rome in Moscow led by throne of Sacred Russia in the Kremlin.

Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


News of Holy Russia 08.06.2020: Presentation of the YouTube channel of Holy Russia the Sun Ray.
The Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev launched a new media project of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich during the days of the coronavirus pandemic and forced self-isolation. Today we present the YouTube channel of Holy Russia called the Sun Ray: https://www.youtube.com/ЛучСолнца2020

News of Holy Russia 09.05.2020: Congratulations of Holy Russia to Victory Day.
Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes, National Guard of Holy Russia and Grand Prince Professor Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev congratulations to all people of good will with the Victory Day of May 9, 2020!

News of Holy Russia 10.04.2020: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev in the days of severe challenge to humanity congratulates all Christians of the world on the Light Holiday of Easter! The Earthmen once again entered the era of the Biblical tests. Easter in the Churches of Rome, Constantinople, Kiev and Moscow will be held without parishioners for the first time in history. We believe that the motto of our time should be the word HOPE. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

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