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Great Russ is the social – ecological program of development of the central part of the Russian Federation. The program includes political, ecological and economic aspects.

The project Great Russ (Russia) is intended for revival of the ancient Russian grounds, restoration of economic well-being of territories of the central Russia, multiplication of the population and formation of green economy of the Russian Federation at maintenance steady, innovative and long-term development of the country without drawing damage to an environment.

The political aspect of the program consists in formation within the framework of the updated Russian Federation the new subject – Great Russ, Central federal district including regions, and also parts of regions Northwest, Volga, Ural and Southern federal districts. Great Russ will possess own Constitution, Duma, government and other institutes of authority.

The first stage formation of the subject Great Russ will begin on basis Central federal district which capital should become city Vladimir. The second stage decentralization of authority within the framework of which it is necessary to stop the project The New Moscow becomes and to delegate to the regional centers imperious powers as the ministries and the departments in regular intervals distributed between cities. The third stage connection to Great Russ parts of regions Northwest and Volga federal district becomes. At the closing stage other regions will be attached to Great Russia, wished enter in new the subject of the Russian Federation. In result Great Russ will turn in the enormous network structure uniting ancient and new Russian cities and lands. The political and social effect from occurrence of the new subject of the Russian Federation will give to Russian population an enormous spiritual and patriotic pulse for decades forward.

Great Russ should become range on formation of new modern image of the Russian Federation – the states with green economy [1]. Engines of development of economy the advanced branches of national economy – wind power, stratospheric solar power [2], manufacturing of high-speed electric trains and highways, manufacture of electro mobiles for passenger and freight traffic, development of green technologies in town-planning and formation of the advanced agrarian and industrial complex become.

Essence of the project Great Russ – maintenance of comfortable, innovative inhabitancy for the basic part of Russian population by use of green technologies and step-by-step availability of places of work and tourism with the help of the advanced network of the electric high-speed ground transport replacing small and average aircraft.

Wind power can provide completely high-speed transportations of passengers and cargoes through the ramified network of the steel highways having chord and radial regional components. In cities and settlements passengers and cargoes begin to move on electro mobiles of the Russian manufacture. Recharge of automobiles by energy it will be free-of-charge carried out due to network wind power and filling stations. Actually gratuitous wind power can cover all transport needs of the population and business by transformation of kinetic energy of air weights to electric energy, and through it in kinetic energy of vehicles.

Offered reforms of economy of the central part of Russia are based on the concepts of green economy [1] formulated by Karl Burkart:

1) Renewed energy sources;
2) Green buildings and cities;
3) Steady development of transport;
4) Management of water;
5) A waste management;
6) Land management.

Concerning to the Russian Federation these principles can be specified as follows. Accessible renewed energy sources for us are energy of water, a wind and the sun. Green cities can be created by the termination of use of transport with emissions of hotbed gases, and also change of structure of capacities on manufacture of an electricity and heat, decrease in water-retaining capacity and preservation of water bio resources. In Russia for a long time it is time to start to not dig in waste products, and to process and burn these. Besides in the Russian Federation it is necessary to put things in order in land management – to provide food safety, safety of woods and development of an organic agriculture without use GMO.

Pure water, pure air, the pure ground and cities, pure thoughts are pure Russia. Great Russ – should become sample for imitation of Russia and to all countries of the civilized world. Innovative and the prospering Russia is our overall objective.

Conditions for transition to green economy should become "green" state purchases, grants for green economy instead of grants in unstable manufacture and consumption, and also in expansion of the gas-oil-extracting industry. The major condition of transition is the state and private investments into steady infrastructure, including power, private and public transport. A necessary condition of reforms is institutional changes – decentralization of authority and decrease in demographic loading on megacities.

We recognize as key sectors of green economy the following branches:

1) Wind power (manufacturing and operation of wind generators of the Russian manufacture, network electric filling stations);

2) A high-speed railway transportation (manufacturing and operation of high-speed trains on electric draft of the Russian manufacture, and also construction of a travelling infrastructure);

3) Electric car industry (manufacturing and operation electric passenger and lorries);

4) Stratospheric solar power (manufacturing and operation of solar power stations on the basis of thin-film solar batteries and dirigible balloons [2]);

5) Development of an organic agriculture without use GMO.

Russia should develop and start in the shortest terms in manufacture wind turbine capacity from 1 up to 5 MW. Manufacture can be placed at the enterprises of aerospace branch. Cost of modern wind stations in Europe makes about 1 million euro for MW. The cost price of the wind electric power already today reaches 5-7 cents USA for kW or 3-4 rubles for kW. At an initial stage it is possible to create coproduction with the Chinese or European companies. For operation wind turbine in Russia it is necessary to take into account negative temperatures of operation. The problem is solved application of special composite materials for manufacture of blades and warming up during winter time of gondolas with the equipment. Originally manufacture can be adjusted together with companies Vestas (Denmark), Sinovel (Chinese People's Republic) or Enercom (Germany).

Application industrial wind turbine is possible in district with average annual speed of wind up to 5 m/s. There is false opinion, that in Russia few suitable places for this purpose. Actually in each region of Russia there are such areas.

It agrees to the data of the company [3], practically everywhere in the central Russia it is possible to establish industrial wind turbineы:

Moscow area, Kashira, average speed of wind of 5,7 m/s.
Leningrad region, Свирица and Tikhvin, compare speed of wind of 4,4 m/s.
Arkhangelsk area, Arkhangelsk, Varandey, Inliga, compare speed of wind of 7,6 m/s.
Astrakhan area, Astrakhan and V. Baskunchak, compare speed of wind of 4,8 m/s.
Bryansk area, Bryansk, compare speed of wind of 5 m/s.
Vladimir area, Vladimir, compare speed of wind of 4 m/s.
Volgograd area, Serafimovich, compare speed of wind of 5,4 m/s.
Vologda area, Vologda, compare speed of wind of 5,3 m/s.
Voronezh area, Voronezh, compare speed of wind of 5,1 m/s.
Nizhniy Novgorod area, Arzamas, compare speed of wind of 6,6 m/s.
Dagestan, Makhachkala, compare speed of wind of 6,3 m/s.
Ivanovo area, Ivanovo, compare speed of wind of 4,3 m/s.
Kaliningrad area, Kaliningrad, compare speed of wind of 5 m/s.
Kalinin area, Rzhev, compare speed of wind of 4,7 m/s.
Kalmykia, Elista, compare speed of wind of 6,2 m/s.
Karelia, Kem, compare speed of wind of 5,2 m/s.
Kirov area, Kirov, compare speed of wind of 5,2 m/s.
Komi, Pertun, compare speed of wind of 4,9 m/s.
Kostroma area, Kostroma, compare speed of wind of 5,6 m/s.
Krasnodar territory, Armavir and Novorossiysk, compare speed of wind of 6,3 m/s.
Kursk area, Kursk, compare speed of wind of 5,1 m/s.
Mariy El, Ioshkar Ola, compare speed of wind of 5,6 m/s.
Murmansk area, Murmansk, compare speed of wind of 6,8 m/s.
Orenburg area, Orenburg, compare speed of wind of 5,1 m/s.
Oryol area, Orel, compare speed of wind of 6,1 m/s.
Penza area, Penza, compare speed of wind of 4,9 m/s.
Perm area, Lysva, compare speed of wind of 4,2 m/s.
Pskov area, Velikie Luki, compare speed of wind of 5,1 m/s.
Rostov area, Morozovsk and Rostov on Don, compare speed of wind of 6,6 m/s.
Saratov area, Saratov, compare speed of wind of 4,7 m/s.
Smolensk area, Smolensk, compare speed of wind of 6,1 m/s.
Stavropol territory, Stavropol, compare speed of wind of 4,8 m/s.
Tambov area, Tambov, compare speed of wind of 4,3 m/s.
Tatarstan, Bugulma, Kazan, compare speed of wind of 5,7 m/s.
Ulyanovsk area, Annenkovo, compare speed of wind of 5 m/s.
Chelyabinsk area, Magnitogorsk, compare speed of wind of 4,8 m/s.
Chuvashia, Poreckoe, compare speed of wind of 4,8 m/s.
Yaroslavl area, Yaroslavl, compare speed of wind of 5 m/s.

By our estimations of need of Great Russ in wind turbineах make 1000 pieces in year capacity 1 MW everyone. For 10 years it is necessary to put into operation not less than 10 million in kW of capacities. It will need investments for the sum no more than 5 billion dollars or 330 billion rubles. Soon the cost price of wind electric power in Russia will make below 2 rubles for kW.

In Russia there is project of National system of high-speed movement by rail till 2030. In Europe for long time operate under national uniform railway networks Eurostar and Thalys. For interface to the European high-speed highways it is necessary to build new roads in the Russian Federation under the European standards.

The Project Great Russ is obliged to set going the program of creation of system of high-speed movement which requires essential completion and associations first of all the cities of CFD and the Gold Ring. The length перегонов between cities and stations will make 150-200 km. The lining of new high-speed means of communication will be accompanied by installation of optic-fiber cables for development of national network of the high-speed Internet of the central Russia. Creation of own rolling stock and the beginning of formation of a network of roads will need investments a minimum of 5 billion dollars or 330 billion rubles. For 10 years it is necessary to connect high-speed railways all cities of CFD.

In Russia also it is necessary to adjust manufacture of passenger and cargo electro mobiles. For these purposes probably attraction in joint ventures of companies Volkswagen and Tesla. For manufacture of electro mobiles follows conversation of unprofitable factories of Tolyatti. Lorries can be let out on KAMAZ, successfully tested own electro mobiles. Cost of electro mobiles economy class will not exceed 500000 rubles at volumes of release 0,5 million cars in year. Cost of electro mobiles for business will be defined by wishes of customers. For conversation existing manufacture it is required about 3 billion dollars or 200 billion rubles of investments. For 10 years it is necessary to let out not less than 10 million electro cars.

Development of stratospheric solar power is connected to revival of the Russian manufacture of unique materials, accessories and an aerospace complex. Manufacture is possible for placing at the enterprises such as RPA Khrunichev, RPA Lavochkin or RPA Energy. Russia can concentrate on manufacture of thin-film solar batteries on plastic basis instead of known rigid designs. The decision of these problems will need the various Nano-technologies developed in Russia. For conversation existing manufactures will be necessary about 5 billion dollars or 330 billion rubles of investments. For 10 years it is necessary to adjust release of power units – dirigible balloons of stratospheric solar power stations (SSPS) not less than on 10 million kW of capacities.

For realization of the specified infrastructural innovative projects it is required revival of materiology and the organization of own manufacture of small fixing accessories. For re-equipment of existing manufactures it is required about 1 billion dollars or 70 billion rubles of investments.

Development of an organic agriculture and modern agrarian and industrial complex will coordinate with the basic directions of development of a national economy of Russia with increase in the state subsidizing perspective "green" directions at 140 billion rubles.

The total cost of the Program Great Russ will make 1,4 billion rubles that is smaller appetites of Gazprom and Rosneft on bury resources of the state in the ground for extraction and transportations of gas and oil export.

Within the framework of practical realization of the project Great Russia it will be necessary to found State Corporation (SC) Wind Power. She will include open joint-stock companies with conditional names of Open Society Wind, Open Society Arrow (high-speed railways), Open Society Electron (electro mobiles), Open Society Sun (stratospheric solar power), Open Society Materials (materials and accessories), Open Society Comfield (agriculture) and Open Society Rurik-bank (the financial coordinator and the creditor of the program). Authorized capital of SC Wind Power will be formed of the state investments, private payments of investors, pension and personal savings of citizens of the Russian Federation. Each citizen of Russia can redeem one corporate share face-value of 100 dollars.

Within the framework of realization of the Program Great Russ will be created more than 1 million the highly skilled workplaces providing with incomes of 3-4 million people, is citizens of Russia. In due course Russia can export innovative production, such as wind turbine, high-speed electric trains, electro cars and solar stratospheric power stations, and also accompanying products and materials.

Realization of the Program Great Russ probably is only at the full control over the project on the part of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and institutes of civil society. Old methods of nepotism and purposes for responsible posts of friends and familiar responsible statesmen are impossible more in Russia. Steady and innovative development of the country demands eradication of corruption and purpose of managers of the administrative device only on the basis of open competition.

The political locomotive of promotion of the Program Great Russ can become the Russian ecological party Green if she will take up cargo of the political responsibility for realization of steady both innovative development of the Russian Federation and formation of green national economy.

The author of the Program Great Russ

Grand Prince, Professor, Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


The literature:

[1] Green economy – a basis of effective development of Russia in sphere of wildlife management in conditions of global change of a climate. The collection under edition of Komarova I.I. and Panteleeva G.M.-M., 2016.

[2] The copyright certificate (Patent) of the USSR No. 1452030, a priority 06.02.1987, is registered 15.09.1988. Stratospheric solar power station. Author Kubarev V.V.

[3] Open Company System of Alternative Power, the link:

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