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News of Holy Russia 29.07.2014: Pilgrim visit of the Chapter of Holy Russia and Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Istanbul has taken place.

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Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has made pilgrim visit to Istanbul 23-28.07.2014 and has visited Holy places of Christian Constantinople.

Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has visited a pearl of the Orthodox world - the Temple of Holy Sofia, has examined monuments of an ancient Hippodrome and has studied the Christ Tower in Galata area.

As the Chapter of Nova Church of Holy Russia, Pontifex Maximus Professor Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev reminds readers of given clause, that according to true, the Creed of Nova Church of Holy Russia, belief of Finno-Ugric Russia, Genoese’s and Templar Knights, Bible events of the New Testament occurred in Holy Constantinople named by Russ is Tsargrad, in the beginning of XI century.

The Temple of Holy Sofia is the main Temple of Jerusalem where Jesus Christ Zlatoust in XI century preached. The sacral sense of the Temple of Wisdom consists in the carried out prediction of pure birth of the Savior, his sufferings, death and revivals for the third day on Holy Book. The antiquated Christianity has existed 1000 years, expecting occurrence of the Christ. The Temple of Holy Sofia erected in IV century and reconstructed then centuries, is material embodiment of this hope of the mankind which have come true in X-XI centuries on the grounds of Constantinople – Jerusalem.

Constantinople’s Hippodrome has received new life in days of board of Emperor Theodosius Great at the end of IV century when have been established Snake Column and the Obelisk of Pharaoh Tutmoses III in 390. Theodosius Flavius had Russ (Ugrian) name Arbat and was Khagane of Huns. For feat of rescue of 600 thousand refugees from ancient Ulak-Urum (Ancient Rome on Volga-Akhtuba) on January 19, 379 Theodosius – Arbat has received the Roman military rank Dux Moesiae (Leader Moses). Theodosius – Arbat has transferred Romans on ice of frozen Black Sea in area of Spit Tuzla from Taman (Kuban) to Crimea, being rescued from the Egyptian chariots which have sunk in waters of Black Sea. In Old Testament Arbat is Leader Moses though actually it is the Roman military title in honor of the name of province Moesia has received nominal name. We believe that true antiquated events occurred not in Palestine thousand years ago and in Black Sea Coast in IV century only. In memory of rescue from snakes on Balkans Theodosius – Arbat has erected Snake Column on the Hippodrome, has founded competitions of chariots and has forbidden pagan Olympic Games. For an establishment of the world with Egyptians Theodosius – Arbat has established the Obelisk of Pharaoh Tutmoses III which lay on coast of Constantinople of 35 years from 355. Therefore the real age of the Egyptian Obelisk of all is 1650 years, and it is one of the most ancient kept constructions of Istanbul. On the basis of the Obelisk bas-reliefs with stages of pursuit of chariots and erections of the Obelisk are cut.

Let's especially stop on an ancient relic of Tsargrad – the Christ Tower or Galata Tower which has lost nowadays primary sacral sense. The official history of the given construction is those. For the first time the stone tower has been constructed by Emperor Anastasius in 528 though it is considered, that on its place there was wooden tower still in V century. From many turns of earthquakes Anastasius's tower in due course has collapsed, having turned in stack stones. In 1348 Genoese have reconstructed tower, having made its height of 68 meters, and internal diameter of 9 meters, height above sea level on 140 meters. The walls surrounding an ancient fig garden have been brought to tower. Fig trees grew down to an edge of water of the Gold Horn. In the Christian shoddy construction referred to the Christ Tower or Jesus's Tower. A modern kind the tower has got after numerous reorganizations in Ottoman times and last reconstruction in 1967. Now in tower the lift, souvenir shop, restaurant, cafe and administrative premises are located.

Let's note that on the map of Constantinople executed by Cristoforo Buondelmonti in 1422, around of Jesus's Tower the fig and olive garden is represented. During the subsequent period the garden has been built up by houses.

The Nova Church of Holy Russia believes that Jesus's Tower is constructed on place of Agony in garden. Actually the Gethsemane garden is fig and olive Galata garden near to which has taken place Last Supper. To this garden there has come Jesus Christ with pupils on pray then has been seized by solders.

The Gospel from Lukas (22:39-42):

« 39 and, come out, has gone as usual on Mount of Olives, it was followed also by pupils of it. 40 Having come on place, has told him: pray to not run into temptation. 41 And He has departed them on stack stone, and, having bent knees, prayed, 42 speaking: Father! About if you had kind feeling to carry by this bowl by me! However not My will, but Yours will be yes »

We count that the described place is located in Galata, to the north of Constantinople through bay the Gold Horn. Many hundreds years in Galata there was fig and olive garden in which top point in XI century there was the rocky height formed from stack of fragments of the Tower of Emperor Anastasius. On this rock Jesus Christ has made Agony in garden Prayer. From this place the fine kind to Constantinople – Jerusalem and the Temple of Holy Sofia opens. Below we result images of medieval maps of this district and Ivan Aivazovsky’s paint (1846).

In the initial Gospels Apostles many times described fig Galata garden and Jesus Christ's parables about fig (Fig tree). For example, from Lukas (17:5-6):

« 5 Apostles also have told to Lord: increase in us belief. 6 Lord has told: if you had belief about grain mustard and have told to Fig this: be extorted and replaced in the sea she would obey you »

Other example, from Mark (11:12-14, 20-23):

« 12 For other day when they have left Bithynia, it get hungry; 13 and, having seen from apart fig covered with leaves, has gone, whether will find that on it; but, having come to it, has found nothing, except for leaves for yet time was figs. 14 to it Jesus Also has told: henceforth yes anybody from you does not taste fruit forever! »

« 20 on morning, passing past, have seen that the fig has dried up to root. 21 And, having recollected, Peter speaks it: Rabbi! Look, the fig which you have damned, has dried up. 22 Jesus, answering, speaks them: 23 have belief God for truly I speak you if who will tell to mountain this: rise and cast into the sea, and will not doubt of the heart, but will believe, that will come true according to it, – will be to it, that will tell »

Clearly such events could not take place in the Israel’s Jerusalem where there is no sea. Besides the Asian part of Constantinople – refers to as Bithynia.

And besides in the Message to Galatian Apostle Paul is told (3:1):

« So, unthinkable Galatians is! Who has seduced you to not obey true at which before eyes Jesus Christ has been outlined in advance at you crucifixion? »

Pontifex Maximus Professor Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has closely studied Jesus's Tower and its vicinities. Around and inside the Christ Tower presence of Divine good fortune – pure energy going from the basis of rock to heavens is felt. We are absolutely sure that Jesus's Tower costs on place of Agony in garden Prayer and represents one of the main Christian relics of Constantinople – Tsargrad. Not without reason Genoese long years were at war for the right of use of the grounds Galata and have erected monumental Jesus's Tower on place of Bible pray of the Christ.

In photos in Tsargrad: Temple of Holy Sofia, mosaic and interiors of the Temple, place of enthronization Emperors of New Rome, the Hippodrome, map of provinces of Roman Empire.

Photos of the Jesus Tower: medieval maps of XV century by Cristoforo Buondelmonti, Ivan Aivazovsky's (1846) paint, picture and mosaic of Agony in garden, appearance, interiors and panorama on the Gold Horn and the Temple of Holy Sofia.

News of Holy Russia 02.09.2020: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Session of the Moscow regional court was held on the Appeal of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev on establishing the legal fact of kinship with Ivan IV the Terrible. Based on the expert opinion of the Moscow Kremlin Museums on the impossibility of conducting a molecular genetic examination of the King's graves, the Moscow regional Court left the decision of the Krasnogorsk city court unchanged. This decision will be appealed to a higher court.

News of Holy Russia 14.08.2020: Proclamation to the people of Belarus.
Proclamation of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev to the people of Belarus. The Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich expresses its sincere support to the Belarusian people in the struggle for their political and human rights and calls on Belarusians to show perseverance and courage in order to clear the country of the cancer of the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko, who forcibly holds power in the country.

News of Holy Russia 10.08.2020: Events around of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
The Moscow regional court has scheduled a hearing on the appeal of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev about establishing kinship with Tsar Ivan IV Terrible for September 2, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. Information about the number of the courtroom of the appellate instance will be provided additionally.

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